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Wise County Stays On The Cutting Edge (access required)

Wise County’s high-tech courtroom continues to break new ground, creating sometimes-unexpected opportunities for lawyers. On June 1, for example, the court is scheduled to host its first “multi-port” hearings. Lawyers, parties and the judge all will participate in a hearing ...

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'Webcasting' a Trial (access required)

A few years back, lawyers and judges faced the question of whether to allow cameras in the courtroom. Judges pondered whether they wanted their proceedings — including their own images and those of parties and lawyers — showing up on ...

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Lawyer Referrals (access required)

Virginia’s longstanding prohibition on lawyer referral fees has gone out with the old Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility. A lawyer now can receive a referral fee so long as the client knows about and consents to the arrangement, the Virginia ...

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Report Criticizes Appointed Lawyers (access required)

A report scathing in its description of the way Virginia sentences people to death has been published by the American Civil Liberties Union. The report, “Unequal, Unfair and Irreversible: The Death Penalty in Virginia,” comes down particularly hard on the ...

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Taking Stock Of Your Career (access required)

You’ve been practicing law awhile now, and, well, it just doesn’t seem to match what you thought you’d be doing at this time in your life. School was great — an intense intellectual challenge, and you were good at it. ...

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