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Recognizing the value of a good secretary (access required)

When Jonathan C. Thacher became a General District Court judge, the first comment he would hear from other lawyers was, “Congratulations. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” “And then the next thing they’d say was, ‘What’s Catherine doing?'” Thacher, ...

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Crime panel seeks input (access required)

The Virginia State Crime Commission is collecting opinions from lawyers and judges about how well the system for appointing defense attorneys in capital cases is working. The commission wants to know whether the criteria for being on the list of ...

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Condo first to declare for VSB race (access required)

Joseph A. Condo of Fairfax County has announced his candidacy for president-elect of the Virginia State Bar in 1999-2000. As he circulated his petition during the VSB annual meeting in Virginia Beach, he joked with supporters. “This is a nominating ...

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VSB will distribute Trigon stock (access required)

VIRGINIA BEACH–The Virginia State Bar finally has a plan for dealing with the Trigon stock it received after the health insurance company went public in 1996: It will distribute the stock directly to the law firms that participated in the ...

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Money set for LOMAP reallocated (access required)

Lawyers Helping Lawyers has received $20,000 from the American National Lawyers Insurance Reciprocal, from money reallocated due to the postponement of the Virginia State Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP). The money will go into the Stephen Chappell Memorial ...

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The VSB?s New Man in Charge (access required)

FAIRFAX–Comparatively few people from Fairfax County can say make this statement, but new Virginia State Bar President John A.C. Keith can: He’s actually from there. He remembers when Fairfax was, as he put it, “nothing more than a crossroads and ...

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