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How you can help a business owner prepare for a divorce (access required)

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Here’s a typical scenario: A spouse who owns a business walks into a fam­ily law attorney’s office looking for legal assistance for a divorce. The atmosphere is charged with emotion – mostly anger – and the discussion inevitably works its ...

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Client service is more than pursuit of happiness (access required)

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There is a big difference between doing a good job and having hap­py clients. While it’s great to have satisfied customers, it’s more im­portant to do a good job. As human beings, it feels good on a deep level when ...

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To land a company as a client, do your research (access required)

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Consider this scenario: You get the meeting you have always wanted with the company’s general counsel, to formally pitch for busi­ness or to attend a special event with her for the first time. What should you do next? Research. The ...

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Law students win for defendant at the 4th Circuit (access required)

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After months of preparation, a pair of University of Virginia law students, their professor seated behind them, stood before the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and argued against the federal Bureau of Prisons. A decade of a man’s life was on the line. And the law students prevailed against the government.

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Three bad tech habits that your law firm needs to break (access required)

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During a lifetime, most people develop less-than-ideal habits that can be detrimental to wellness and maybe even financial health. But when it’s an enterprise or law firm that’s putting those habits into place, it can impact every aspect of operations, ...

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Consumer bar hails move to curb forced arbitration (access required)

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By Pat Murphy Consumer protection attorneys are lauding a proposed federal rule that would effectively ban class action waivers in arbitration clauses in­cluded in new contracts for financial services. At the same time they are bracing for a wave of ...

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Defending trade secrets (access required)

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The world’s most famous trade secret, the vigilantly guarded recipe for Coca-Cola, is kept in a purpose-built vault in the company’s Atlanta headquarters. Most trade secrets, howev­er, are kept on computers, where they are decidedly more vul­nerable to hackers and ...

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