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‘Alternate explanation’ sinks suit over ‘Black Lives Matter’ mask ban

Whole Foods Market (DEPOSIT PHOTOS)

While they had pleaded bias claims “conceptually consistent with Title VII,” Whole Foods employees disciplined for wearing Black Lives Matter face masks had not established viable discrimination or retaliation claims, the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed. The ...

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Office birthday bust serves as warning to employers

A recent case out of Kentucky presents important reminders for employers about how disabilities should be handled in the workplace. This case stemmed from a surprise birthday party thrown by Gravity Diagnostics for lab worker Kevin Berling. According to his ...

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Steps for businesses ready to run with remote work options

Remote worker using Zoom

For more than two years, countless employees have worked remotely from the comfort of their homes and have not stepped foot into an office. Although some people debate the benefits of remote work, there is little doubt that it is ...

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IP Frontiers: Checking in on expungement and reexamination

Since Dec. 18, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has accepted two new types of ex parte proceedings to be filed for trademark purposes: expungement and reexamination. When these new proceedings were first proposed and announced, many practitioners were ...

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Retaining talent amid the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation — a massive reshuffling ongoing in the U.S. labor market — has created a new and very competitive economic reality in which American employers struggle to fill a record number of open jobs. In such a challenging ...

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Discipline and discharge: Best practices for avoiding costly litigation

Fired employee

Disciplining and terminating employees are realities of doing business, but by adhering to certain practices, employers can help reduce the risk of costly litigation. Discipline or termination (often referred to as “adverse employment actions”) can give rise to allegations of ...

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A force to consider in real estate transactions

Empty restaurant

Before March 2020, force majeure provisions in real estate contracts were seldom implemented, and sometimes received minimal attention in real estate contract negotiations. Such provisions are meant to cover contracting parties against unforeseeable events that are outside the control of ...

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Trademark holders, don’t skimp on the merchandizing budget

Copyright symbol

Copyrights, patents and trademarks — although registered by the hopeful future trademark-holder — are largely for the benefit of the public. More accurately, they are for the benefit of the consumer. A client’s trademark designates to the consumer the source ...

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Protecting yourself from growing cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity concept

In recent years, we have witnessed a swift transformation as more of our finances have been brought online. Growth in digital banking accelerated during the COVID-19 lockdowns out of necessity, but this added convenience led to a new set of ...

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No actual controversy over employee’s noncompete

Employment contract

A media company salesperson has failed in her bid for a declaration that her noncompete with her former employer is invalid. The defendant employer was entitled to summary disposition because there was no actual controversy over whether the agreement could ...

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