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Author Archives: Jason Boleman

Statute survives: Parents lack standing to challenge grandparent visitation law (access required)

Grandparent and grandson playing with soccer ball

A federal judge has ruled that the parents of a minor child did not have standing to sue over the state’s grandparent visitation statute, as they failed to allege that they would imminently suffer a concrete injury. The case arose ...

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Nursing employee’s ADA claim proceeds (access required)

A nursing employee’s claims that her former employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, by failing to accommodate her disability survived a motion to dismiss filed by the employer. A motion to dismiss by an individual defendant in ...

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Supreme Court reverses course, returns to remote argument (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia announced on Jan. 3 that it will hear oral argument remotely for the January session, a reversal from its previous plan to conduct in-person argument. “Due to concerns over the recent rise in the number ...

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Federal court denies summary judgment in Title VII case (access required)

A federal court denied a Virginia school board’s motion for summary judgment in a Title VII case alleging gender-based discrimination in pay. The case, Barnett v. Roanoke County School Board, will now proceed to trial. United States District Judge Thomas ...

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Judicial emergency to extend into 2022 (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia’s declaration of judicial emergency will extend into 2022, according to a recent order from the court. Ordered Dec. 10, the court extended the declaration of judicial emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic through Jan. ...

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Court reverses conviction due to denial of competency evaluation (access required)

The Court of Appeals of Virginia has reversed a man’s conviction on multiple firearm and drug-related charges after it determined a trial judge incorrectly denied the man’s counsel’s motion for a competency evaluation. The case has been remanded to the ...

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