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Assembly elects judges (access required)

The first round of judicial elections in the General Assembly left undecided the future of several bench seats. Legislators failed to endorse three incumbent judges up for re-election on Jan. 30. The House of Delegates and the Senate certified nearly ...

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Info sent in error cannot be kept, used (access required)

A lawyer cannot keep or use documents inadvertently transmitted to him by opposing counsel, according to an advisory legal ethics opinion from the Virginia State Bar Legal Ethics Committee. Any lawyer who receives such a transmission should notify the opposing ...

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McGuire, Woods forms a consulting company (access required)

The Richmond-based law firm of McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe has formed a subsidiary to try its hand in the consulting market. McGuire Woods Consulting LLC will offer corporate clients government relations, business relocation, public relations and other consulting services. ...

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McGuire, Woods cancels merger talks (access required)

Richmond-based McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe has announced that merger discussions initiated early this year with Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy, LLP of Atlanta have been suspended. “While we have found substantial complementary and shared strengths, the enormity of combining ...

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