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No more ‘surprises’


Both the House and Senate unan­imously passed identical legislation this month to remove the risk of sur­prise hospital bills for some Virginians. Surprise bills, or “balance billing,” of­ten occur when patients seek emergen­cy care at an out-of-network hospital, or receive ...

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Reporting of misdemeanors at school would be optional


Lawmakers are proposing to eliminate the requirement that school leaders report certain criminal offenses to law enforcement, legislation that some Republicans say could make schools “significantly less safe.” Supporters include a number of education advocacy groups and teachers’ associations; they ...

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When lawyers leave


You’ve been with your current law firm for a number of years. Perhaps you aren’t getting the type work you wanted, or you haven’t progressed as quickly as you’d hoped. Or, maybe, you’re just ready for a change. No matter ...

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How to confront someone at work


Let’s face it: Nobody likes confrontation, no matter which end of the spectrum you fall on. But interpersonal conflict is as avoidable as death and taxes. Despite how nice and considerate we are, eventually we’re going to collide. Ideally, the ...

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Hang it up


Virginia lawmakers have moved one step closer to completely banning driv­ers from using mobile devices. On Feb. 5, the House passed House Bill 874, which would prohibit motorists from using cellphones and other hand­held devices while driving and would penalize ...

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