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Databases aid expert witness research (access required)

Companies are competing for litigators’ dollars with new products aimed at helping them find the lowdown on expert witnesses. Last year, LexisNexis acquired IDEX, a database of more than 1 million records on more than 200,000 legal experts. And in ...

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The well-written retainer letter (access required)

A well-crafted retainer letter is crucial for attorneys in all practice areas and in all types of firms, from solo to in-house, says Carolyn Elefant. A solo attorney in Washington, D.C., and author of the legal blog “My Shingle” at ...

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Your cheatin’ heart … (access required)

By Nora Lockwood Tooher A suspicious husband hired a private detective in Maryland to plant a device on his wife’s car so he could track her when she went to meet her lover. The wife had a feeling her husband ...

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Ban camera phones in the workplace? (access required)

Concerned about workplace confidentiality and privacy, some employment lawyers have been urging clients to restrict employees’ use of personal cellphone cameras. “It seems that almost all cellphones now come with cameras,” said Alan Thayer, an employment lawyer in Oregon. “These ...

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