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Gone phishing

It looked innocent, like it always does. The subject line to the message said, “[So and so] has shared a document with you.” The body text was routine: “[So and so] has invited you to view the following document.” And ...

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When the rubber no longer meets the road

Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina has been home to some notable criminals. Pirates such as Blackbeard (a/k/a Edward Teach) and Calico Jack roamed the area; Teach made Ocracoke his headquarters. Or if you want to hear ...

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Headline of the Day

The people who make online stories and online journalism their thing will tell you: Don’t write a clever headline for the web version of a story. Search engine optimization (the system that allows Google and other search programs to index ...

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‘Crisis’ in bankruptcy judgeships looms (access required)


The Judicial Conference of the United States is asking Congress to create four new bankruptcy judgeships across the country and to make 14 temporary seats permanent. Failure to do so will result in a “debilitating workload crisis,” warns James C. ...

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Play ball!

It’s Opening Day next weekend for Major League Baseball, and after a sports offseason that saw the worst Super Bowl ending in NFL history and a whole bunch of busted brackets for the NCAA basketball tourney, it can’t come too ...

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Pants on fire

Yesterday in Miami, a criminal defense lawyer was starting his closing argument when his trousers began smoking, then burst into flames. He was defending an arson case. Stephen Gutierrez ran out of the courtroom, then returned to finish his argument, ...

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