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The Name of the Game (access required)

By Paul Fletcher, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief New admittees to the Virginia State Bar often ask us, “So, just how do I insure that my budding legal career is long, distinguished and illustrious, not to mention lucrative?” The first thing we ...

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Bar Results Go High-Tech (access required)

By Paul Fletcher, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief The results of the July 1996 Virginia bar examination are in. The pass rate–818 of 1081, or 75.7 percent–is pretty standard. Roughly three-quarters pass the summer test every year. But this year’s results came ...

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Juror can be struck for wealth (access required)

A black rape defendant can strike a prominent white business executive from a jury because his lawyer thought the businessman could not “relate to a person of the defendant’s standing,” the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The defense lawyer’s ...

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