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Headline of the day (access required)

Blair Robertson is a psychic medium who lives in a suburb of Phoenix. He was in Canada late last month for a meeting, out having dinner with a friend, a fellow psychic. Out of the blue, a car crashed into ...

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Headline of the week

This is not a political item. It is a hat tip to HuffPost (formerly known as The Huffington Post, kind of like Tribune Publishing, which produced Tribune Online Content, now calls itself tronc…kind of like the sound an elephant makes ...

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Another day, another survey

Should you ever get tired of law practice, you can always get a job as an internet survey interviewer. My email is replete with press releases commemorating the various holidays that invariably crop up, and just an invariably, there is ...

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Gone phishing

It looked innocent, like it always does. The subject line to the message said, “[So and so] has shared a document with you.” The body text was routine: “[So and so] has invited you to view the following document.” And ...

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When the rubber no longer meets the road

Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina has been home to some notable criminals. Pirates such as Blackbeard (a/k/a Edward Teach) and Calico Jack roamed the area; Teach made Ocracoke his headquarters. Or if you want to hear ...

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