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Author Archives: Paul Mark Sandler

Win more often: Avoid fallacies in your advocacy (access required)

Attorney making argument in court

A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. It can undermine your case. Therefore, it is important to examine your own planned written and oral presentations. Also, carefully consider opposing presentations to determine whether they “hold water” or are fallacious. Remember, ...

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Young attorneys, learn from these mistakes (access required)

I shake my head and smile, now at the bar 50 years, at the many humiliating mistakes I have made, particularly as a young lawyer. For me, the saving graces are the lessons I have learned along the way. I ...

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The challenge of the closing argument – a perspective (access required)

The purpose of the closing argument is to incite jurors or a judge to render the decision you request. It is not about impressing listeners with your eloquence. According to the apocryphal tale, when listeners heard Demosthenes, they would remark, ...

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