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Bond surety company targeted by insurance regulators (access required)

Virginia insurance regulators say the immigration bond surety company known as Libre by Nexus Inc. is violating the law by acting as an unlicensed insurance agent. The State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance says the company solicits, negotiates and sells ...

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Fake lawyer gets 2 years for preying on immigrants (access required)

An Alexandria federal judge handed down a two-year sentence for a man convicted of defrauding accident victims by posing as a personal injury attorney. Tuan Duc Nguyen, 55, of California targeted members of immigrant communities in Northern Virginia and elsewhere, ...

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Judge: No ‘Twiqbal’ standard for affirmative defenses (access required)


A Roanoke federal judge said he is joining the “growing number of courts” rejecting a heightened pleading standard for affirmative defenses in civil litigation. Plaintiffs chafing at the higher pleading hurdle imposed by Supreme Court opinions a decade ago argued ...

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Lawyer is tagged for conversion (access required)


A Roanoke lawyer is fighting a ruling that he cheated families of his deceased former law partners out of their shares of a once-forgotten stock certificate. A trial judge imposed compensatory and punitive damages against G. Nelson Mackey that – ...

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Suit: Retailer, distributors blamed for E.coli poisoning (access required)

A Virginia law firm has filed a $75 million lawsuit against retailer Target Corp. and other businesses that reportedly handled a peanut butter substitute that sickened 32 people in 2017. The manufacturers of the “I.M. Healthy” brand of soy nut ...

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Lawsuit targets maker of boat motor (access required)

A man whose hand was mutilated in a Smith Mountain Lake boating accident last summer has sued the makers of an outboard motor. The boat motor broke off its mount when it struck a submerged object, according to a report ...

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Proposal would expand client protection eligibility (access required)

The Virginia State Bar’s protection program for victims of dishonest lawyers hopes to close a possible loophole for clients of lawyers who change their status to disabled or retired. The VSB Clients’ Protection Fund reimburses those who suffer loss because ...

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