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Author Archives: Stephen Scott

Take note of one federal agency’s latest COVID-19 guidance

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s latest guidance regarding COVID-19, as described in more detail below, “makes clear that going forward employers will need to assess whether current pandemic circumstances and individual workplace circumstances justify viral screening testing of employees ...

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Take note of one federal agency’s latest COVID-19 guidance (access required)

What’s the saying about stubbornness? I think it’s “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” (or, I guess, in our household it’s “Stephen, you are just like your dad …” but that is not as relevant to the readership). ...

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Surprise! Office birthday bust serves as warning to employers (access required)

Last month, we threw a berry-themed first birthday party for my daughter. It was a blast and the “smash cake” was a hit. But I was shocked at its cost when we could have simply grabbed a Hostess cupcake and ...

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Be on alert for possible cyberattacks (access required)

Cybersecurity concept

“Stephen – America is under attack.” These are the words that my dad woke me up to on Sept. 11, 2001. Talk about a jarring way to come out of a deep slumber as a middle schooler. It’s a story ...

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‘Twas the night before the office holiday party (access required)

Holiday party

Back when I was a kid, books and nighttime stories were simple. There were no duplicitous meanings, jokes only adults understood, or room for interpretation. The stories said what they meant. For example, my mom read me the Berenstain Bears ...

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Handle with care: Accommodation requests for remote work (access required)

After the COVID-19 pandemic required many employers to implement remote work arrangements (both to continue their operations and to comply with new state and federal regulations), questions arose as to how this development would impact businesses’ obligation to allow employees ...

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