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Jury to decide whether defendants breached contract (access required)

Although summary judgment was granted to two companies hired to provide “quality assurance” and “quality control” services on a bridge construction project, there are disputed issues of material fact over the contract terms. Now a jury will decide whether the companies ...

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Violation of injunction did not create personal jurisdiction (access required)

Where a Hungarian businessman sold a company to another Hungarian company, violating an injunction, the Hungarian company’s participation in the businessman’s injunction violation was insufficient to provide the court a basis for exercising personal jurisdiction over it.

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Sentence affirmed despite wrongful application of enhancement (access required)

Where the district court wrongly concluded that the defendant’s prior conviction for conspiracy qualified as a controlled substance offense under the Sentencing Guidelines, the defendant was not entitled to resentencing because the defendant failed to raise his objection before the ...

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Defendant sanctioned for repeated discovery failures (access required)

Because the defendant in the insurance coverage dispute repeatedly failed to correct its discovery deficiencies, its ability to rely on its discovery responses was limited and the plaintiff may seek recovery of its own fees and costs. Background On or ...

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Insurer did not assume citizenship of insured after judgment (access required)

Where a plaintiff sued an insurance company after he had already obtained a judgment against the wrongdoer alleged to be covered under the insurance company’s policy, the insurance company did not assume the citizenship of the purported insured and the ...

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