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GEICO offered $9K before suit, case settled for $275K – $275,000 Settlement (access required)

This was a contested liability and damages case. GEICO offered only $9,000 before suit and refused to negotiate any further until right before trial, when the case settled for $275,000. The plaintiff, a 58-year-old male turned left on a green ...

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Claimant fell from roof, hurt spinal cord – $1,221,282 Settlement (access required)

Claimant sustained a spinal cord injury when he fell from a roof in 2017. The employer accepted the claim and the Commission entered an award order. The parties began settlement negotiations in 2018. After several weeks a final settlement figure ...

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Woman, rear-ended on bridge, suffered TBI, PTSD – $1.6 Million Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe post traumatic stress disorder after a CRST, Inc. tractor-trailer, being driven by the defendant, Charles Hitchcock, slammed into her small, disabled vehicle as it sat on the side of a highway bridge ...

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Mom had history of birth with dystocia, baby has Erb’s palsy – $1.2 Million Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff mother was admitted to the hospital in the care of her obstetric group following an office visit at 39 weeks with signs of labor. She suffered from obesity. The obstetrical group was aware of a history of prior ...

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Gynecologist was not negligent in performing hysterectomy – Defense Verdict (access required)

Annette Clements alleged that the defendant gynecologist negligently injured her right ureter during a laparoscopic hysterectomy on May 14, 2014. The patient had been diagnosed with symptomatic fibroids and an enlarged uterus and authorized the defendant gynecologist to surgically remove ...

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