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Wrong side of plaintiff’s face was treated with radiation – $800,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was diagnosed with right trigeminal neuralgia which caused significant pain to the right side of her face. The condition was not adequately controlled with medication and her neurosurgeon recommended that she undergo a radiation procedure known as Gamma Knife. ...

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Man knocked off bike by big dog, injured both shoulders – $475,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, 67, was riding his bicycle on the street in his neighborhood when a 60-pound dog bounded from the property through an electric fence and struck plaintiff’s bicycle, throwing him over the handlebars and injuring his right shoulder. Plaintiff underwent ...

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Nurse practitioner failed to advise re blood clot possibility – $3.5 Million Verdict (access required)

A nurse practitioner (who was a personal friend of the decedent) failed to refer the decedent to a hospital emergency room on a Sunday afternoon for suspected DVT. The nurse practitioner conceded that DVT was number 1 on her differential ...

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Coyne voted as VLW Leader of the Year (access required)


A public defender in the Winchester region for more than a decade, Timothy S. Coyne was named as the 2017 “Leader of the Year” by this year’s class of Leaders in the Law. Coyne has worked extensively to establish a ...

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Civil Practice – Motion to Dismiss – Defamation – Tortious Interference (access required)

McCray v. Infused Solutions LLC  (VLW No. 017-3-470, 13 pp.) (Doumar, J.) 4:14-civ-158; E.D. Va. Holding: Where plaintiff employee, a clerk placed at an Army recruiting center by the defendant subcontracting staffing agency, was terminated after a 90-day reprimand notice ...

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Fair Credit Reporting Act – Standing – Summary Judgment (access required)

Phillips v. Trans Union LLC (VLW No. 017-3-477, 15 pp.) (Moon, J.) 3:16-cv-00088; W.D. Va. Holding:  Where plaintiff debtor sued defendant loan servicer for providing inaccurate information to a credit reporting agency, in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, ...

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