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Fine assessed for failure to comply with court order (access required)

Because of their failure to respond to post-judgment discovery and an order requiring them to respond to the post-judgment discovery, two defendants must pay a daily fine to the court until they provide adequate discovery responses. Background After default judgment ...

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Counselor’s termination after abuse was constitutional (access required)

The termination of a child counselor at a city-run juvenile detention center following a physical abuse incident did not violate the counselor’s due process rights because the counselor was given the opportunity to address the allegations against him in a ...

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Former VSU student’s discipline did not violate his civil rights (access required)

A former Virginia State University student who was disciplined for his alleged role in an altercation with a female student did not allege facts that plausibly suggested the discipline was based on his gender or violated his civil rights. Background ...

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Officer had reasonable suspicion to stop vehicle (access required)

An officer’s reasonable suspicion to stop the defendant’s vehicle was supported by multiple facts, including information from reliable sources that the driver possessed a weapon on school grounds, his attempt to drive away when the officer arrived and the officer’s ...

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Attempt to win trademark suit on pleadings rejected (access required)

A dispute between two companies over the use of the name “Cabinet Savers” will proceed to discovery after the court rejected the plaintiff’s early motion to win the suit. The plaintiff had argued that its claim was essentially undisputed, but ...

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Employee subject to racial epithets had viable discrimination claim (access required)

A black employee who was repeatedly called racial epithets, both directly and in conversations where he was mentioned, and was terminated only two months after complaining to his supervisor could proceed to trial on his claims of race discrimination, retaliation ...

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