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Failure to perform settlement agreement was breach of contract (access required)

Defendants, who partnered with plaintiff to develop a community and, as part of a settlement agreement following the project’s collapse, agreed to assume plaintiff’s obligations under a loan taken out to finance the project, committed breach of contract by failing ...

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Use of domain name in commerce created protectable interest (access required)

The owners of certain domain names obtained a protectable interest in those names by using them in commerce before a hacker transferred the names to his control, and the owners were entitled to an order directing that the domain names ...

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Sufficient evidence supports convictions for sex and drug trafficking (access required)

The court concluded there was sufficient evidence to support the convictions for sex trafficking and related drug counts. However, as a result of a Fourth Circuit decision issued after trial and post-trial briefing, the court granted the defendant’s motion for ...

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Defamation, due process suit against superintendent proceeds (access required)

A school superintendent who allegedly insinuated the former Chief Technology and Information Officer, or CTIO, engaged in dishonest conduct will face claims for defamation and denial of due process for failing to provide the employee a hearing before the information ...

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Pipeline’s federal preemption claim against regulations was ripe (access required)

Where a pipeline was denied permits for construction based on zoning regulations that had been enacted so that the county could participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, the regulations did not thereby achieve the status of federal law, and ...

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Employees terminated after plant closure could sue as a class (access required)

Employees who were laid off when the manufacturing facility they worked at was closed and claimed that their employer failed to provide adequate notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act could bring a class action suit against their ...

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