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Woman in wheelchair died after being pushed into door post – Confidential Settlement (access required)

Jane Doe, age 92, fractured her left knee when a CAN pushed her wheelchair into a door post. She died 11 days later from blunt force trauma. She suffered from dementia. Her life expectancy was very limited. [18-T-002] Type of ...

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Lawyers sought for medical malpractice review panels

The Supreme Court of Virginia has asked for an updated list of attorneys willing to serve on Medical Malpractice Review Panels, according to the Virginia State Bar. To be qualified to serve, the attorney must be: impartial; an active in-good-standing ...

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VSB warns of spoof emails to lawyers

Some Virginia lawyers have received emails that – at first glance – appeared to come from leadership at the Virginia State Bar. VSB officials say the emails in question, which contain messages critical of the VSB, are the work of ...

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Parties contested plaintiff’s TBI from rearender – $1.4 Million Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff’s and defendant’s vehicles were stopped at a red light. Defendant’s vehicle was immediately behind plaintiff’s vehicle. When the light turned green, defendant vehicle drove his car forward into the rear of plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff claimed that she sustained a ...

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Improper placement of feeding tube caused malnourishment – $1.15 Million Settlement (access required)

The case arises out of the failure to properly place a feeding tube in a patient. The patient subsequently became severely malnourished. As a result, the patient suffered brain damage resulting in permanent cognitive deficits. [17-T-209] Type of action: Medical ...

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Patient at facility was given another patient’s meds – $497,500 Settlement (access required)

The decedent, age 62, had been a resident of Covington Manor, an assisted living facility located in Alleghany County, for approximately 20 years. The decedent had suffered from a lifelong history of substance abuse and mental illness which led him ...

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