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Attorney General Opinions (305763) (access required)

Where a county and town have enacted ordinances pursuant to Va. Code § 58.1-3210, authorizing exemptions or deferrals of real property tax for certain elderly or disabled persons, and where the disclosure of the existence of an exemption or deferral ...

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Attorney General Opinions (305762) (access required)

Where a defendant pleads guilty to a charge of writing a worthless check in violation of Va. Code § 18.2-181, after failing to respond to a notice of check dishonor, and it appears that the plea is made intelligently, voluntarily ...

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Attorney General Opinions (305761) (access required)

Where a hospital was organized as a nonprofit corporation and has enjoyed tax exempt status, the hospital does not lose its tax exemption for real and personal property solely because it generates revenues in excess of its expenses. The hospital ...

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Attorney General Opinions (305760) (access required)

Insurance proceeds that a company receives because of the death of a company executive are not attributable to the operation of a business and should not be considered part of the company’s gross receipts for the purpose of computing its ...

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Attorney General Opinions (access required)

Where a court has found that a person violated a condition of probation after having his license revoked for three years for a conviction of a second offense of drunken driving, and where the person was granted a restricted license ...

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Commercial (access required)

Priority — Condo Assessment Judgment Lien Where the respondent, via bank financing, purchased five condominium units which were subject to condominium assessments constituting a lien upon each unit, and when the respondent became delinquent in the payments, the condominium association ...

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