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Reader Rankings 2018


Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents the second annual Reader Rankings Survey. The survey, published every summer, showcases the businesses and companies that help law firms across Central Virginia remain successful. Companies and businesses are selected by VLW as voting options, but there ...

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2018 Survey of Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers


On Aug. 27, Virginia Lawyers Weekly provided the results of the VLW 2018 Alternative Dispute Resolution Survey. This project provides information about ADR providers across Virginia. For a fee, participants had the opportunity to provide ba­sic information about their ADR businesses ...

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Student hurt when column at state school fell on her – $1.6 Million Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a student at a Virginia public university, tied her hammock to two concrete columns in an open, public area on campus. One of the 800 pound columns fell on her, crushing her abdomen and pelvis. Two people were injured ...

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Man took business partner’s life insurance proceeds – $1,161,482 Verdict (access required)

Two business owners had purchased life insurance through their corporation to provide funds for stock redemption in the event of death of a partner, as well as life insurance for estate. Originally, each partner was the owner and beneficiary of ...

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Former prosecutor Heaphy to be UVa counsel (access required)

Former Western District U.S. Attorney Timothy Heaphy has been named the top lawyer for the University of Virginia. Heaphy will replace Roscoe Roberts, who is retiring at the end of the month, as university counsel, according to The Daily Progress. ...

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