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Good riddance to the bounty system (access required)

Remember “Bountygate?” About 10 years ago, the NFL’s New Orleans Saints were accused of having a system by which a player would earn a bonus for injuring an opposing player. The NFL brass investigated, said it found irrefutable proof and ...

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Editorial: An important reminder

If you search the Rules of Professional Conduct,  you won’t find any references to the need to take care of yourself and your health. You won’t find any reference to the fact that law is a stressful profession and that ...

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Editorial: Put an end to client-shaming

Election season is stupid season, here and elsewhere. Be glad it ended last month. Here’s a plea to politicians and political types as they get ready for the next inevitable cycle: When a political candidate is a lawyer, he or ...

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Editorial: Pass the federal shield law bill

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 14, Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, had a direct question. Raskin asked Sessions, “As Attorney General, will you commit not to prosecute investigative journalists for maintaining the confidentiality ...

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Pro bono reporting issue sparks VSB ‘crisis’ (access required)


By Dean E. Lhospital The Virginia State Bar is having some­thing of an existential crisis at the moment. In a diffuse and diverse organization of more than 40,000 sometimes argumenta­tive professionals, it is not surprising that its members would hold ...

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Resilience: an often overlooked skill for success (access required)

Runner Running FEA

A recent study found lawyers have a rate of depression that is four times higher than that of the general population. The study also found lawyers have a rate of alcohol abuse that is three times higher than the general ...

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The fundamentals of expert witness cross-examination (access required)

Witness on Stand FEA

 “A lawyer can do anything with cross-examination if he is skillful enough not to impale his own cause upon it.” – John Henry Wigmore Professor Wigmore’s oft-quoted observation is a cautionary note on the hazards of heedless cross-examination. Without question, ...

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Editorial: A missed opportunity

The Supreme Court of Virginia has sidestepped a chance to improve the quality of criminal justice in the commonwealth. Last month, the court declined to adopt the recommendations by a special committee the court appointed to study improvements to the ...

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