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Letters to the Editor

Testimony in DUI Case Supplemented (access required)

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to an article entitled “Conflicting Testimony on DUI Practice Nets Acquittal” published in the March 1, 2004 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly. I would like to add that in my testimony concerning repeated ...

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Interpretations Are Welcome (access required)

Dear Editor: I recently received the following directive from a client. He instructed me to squash an emotional discovery because the witness had a scrunge on him and because the witness had violated the judge’s no shacking order. My interpretation ...

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Court-Appointed Work Should Count As Pro Bono (access required)

Dear Editor: Virginia’s criminal defense bar by now should know better than to hope for the General Assembly to significantly increase the court-appointed fee schedule (“New Report Faults State’s Indigent Defense,” Feb. 9, 2004). What remains inexplicable is the Virginia ...

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