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VSB Revises UPL #183 Draft (access required)

At press time last week, Virginia Lawyers Weekly received a revised version of UPL #183 from the Virginia State Bar. The revision, dated Sept. 24, seeks to address a number of concerns raised by opponents of the opinion. For example, ...

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Norfolk's Edmonds Resigns, Blasts Colleagues (access required)

By Christopher Gatewood, Assistant Editor A Norfolk Circuit judge who resigned during a Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission investigation says he did not step down because of the investigation, but because the circuit’s eight other judges were against him. Luther ...

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The Debate Over UPL #183: PRO (access required)

Editor’s Note: The following two pages feature a selection of comments received by the Virginia State Bar on Unauthorized Practice of Law Opinion #183, which declares that real estate closings are the practice of law. The “pro” comments favor approval ...

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The Debat Over UPL # 183: CON (access required)

…Upon occasion, I work with relocation companies in the course of their selling properties. In these instances I function under a power of attorney on behalf of sellers at the actual closing. Many of these closings have been conducted by ...

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Rigsby slams UPL 183 (access required)

The Virginia State Bar UPL opinion that would declare a real estate closing to be the practice of law has run into an unexpected opponent: The VSB’s head lawyer, Bar Counsel Michael L. Rigsby. An attempt by the bar to ...

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Juror can be struck for wealth (access required)

A black rape defendant can strike a prominent white business executive from a jury because his lawyer thought the businessman could not “relate to a person of the defendant’s standing,” the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The defense lawyer’s ...

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