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The 1993 Legal Year (access required)

Normally, Virginia’s legal system basks in relative anonymity. Our reputation for conservative jurisprudence doesn’t put us on national television or the wire services very often, let alone in the tabloids. But two unusual, and very different, cases saw the harsh ...

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Witness' record required under Brady motion (access required)

After a defendant’s Brady motion, the prosecutor had to disclose a witness’ criminal record indicating the witness might be a “jailhouse snitch” lacking credibility, the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. Under Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963), a ...

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Judicial Council OKs Family Court plan (access required)

The Judicial Council last week approved a blueprint for implementing a Family Court system, including 32 new judges and $16.86 million in the upcoming two-year budget.a The meeting in Richmond marked the end of a year-long process of planning how ...

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New judges, staff for Family Court? (access required)

The additional judges, clerk staff and mediators that would be added to existing juvenile & domestic relations court personnel to staff the family court, under the plan approved by the Judicial Council, would include, by district: District Judges Clerk/Staff Mediators ...

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Solons review economic impact of regulations (access required)

Legislators may shorten the leash on administrative rulemakers under proposals being discussed by a joint General Assembly committee. One plan could allow both legislators and attorneys representing consumers, landowners and business clients to get an advance look at and chance ...

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Research Guide: Medical directives (access required)

Among the highlights of other statutes in neighboring states, compiled by Choice in Dying Inc.: District of Columbia Natural Death Act, D.C. Code Ann. § 6-2430 (1989). * Governs the use of a living will (called a “Declaration”). * Limits ...

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