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Research Guide: Medical directives (access required)

Among the highlights of other statutes in neighboring states, compiled by Choice in Dying Inc.: District of Columbia Natural Death Act, D.C. Code Ann. § 6-2430 (1989). * Governs the use of a living will (called a “Declaration”). * Limits ...

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Oral evidence OK to show agent's status (access required)

Parol evidence is admissible to show whether a corporate president was guaranteeing a credit application individually or as an agent of the corporation, a Fairfax circuit judge has ruled. Unless such a document clearly includes or excludes a principal or ...

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"Rocket docket" sets own discovery rules… (access required)

By Robert SmithMidford, News Editor The federal courts in Virginia’s Eastern District have opted out of several discovery rules which went into effect nationally last week. The reason? Judges don’t want the revisions to slow down the so-called “rocket docket.” ...

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N.C. DUI convictions no predicate (access required)

A person cannot be adjudicated an habitual offender in Virginia based upon predicate drunken driving convictions in North Carolina, the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The commonwealth may use DUI convictions from another state in habitual offender proceedings, but ...

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