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Judge won’t shield cops who kicked family out of home (access required)


Law enforcement officers who forced two family members out of their Patrick County home after a foreclosure auction and blocked them from retrieving personal property face a jury trial on conversion and civil rights claims, a Danville federal judge has ...

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What every lawyer should know about mediation (access required)


When grown-ups tell an especially precocious child that he or she “ought to be a lawyer when you grow up,” it is not always meant as a compliment. Often the suggestion is really a euphemistic complaint that the child is ...

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1. Be overbroad. 2. Fail the ‘janitor test’…. (access required)


In “Big Boss Man,” the popular blues song by Jimmy Reed, Elvis Presley sang about cruel working conditions, including “round the clock” hours and punitive measures for taking breaks. While Elvis sang about the need to get a new boss ...

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Assembly to fund all authorized judgeships (access required)


After a decade of intentionally unfunded Virginia judgeships, the state will have money to fill all authorized bench seats by July of next year. The General Assembly has agreed to a budget that would fund all 435 trial court judgeships ...

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AG flips position after prosecution of woman who hid fetus (access required)


The office of Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring argued in February to uphold the conviction of a Franklin County woman who discarded a stillborn fetus in a dumpster. Katherine Dellis was convicted under a law that prohibits the concealment ...

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Company cultures, post #MeToo (access required)


It is now well-established that the #MeToo social responsibility movement is changing corporate America. It has led to the downfall of powerful executives and has put corporate culture under a microscope. The media, regulators and investors are focusing not only ...

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Are you ready for the GDPR? (access required)


Think the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) doesn’t apply to U.S. companies? Think again, and quickly, as the massive data protection law – the biggest change to EU data privacy in more than 20 years – went into effect on ...

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A five-step plan (access required)


Cyber attacks and costly accidental losses of sensitive personal and financial information are no longer confined to retailers such as Target and Sony or banks and investment houses such as JP Morgan. Professional service firms — accountants, lawyers, financial advisors ...

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