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Taming the email beast once and for all (access required)

Email FEA

Let’s face it: We need email. But we also need a way to control the beast that email can become. It is estimated that almost 30 percent of our workday is consumed by dealing with email. How do we tame ...

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Presenting ‘Largest Law Firms’ for 2017


Virginia Lawyers Weekly presents its annual survey of “Virginia’s Largest Law Firms.” The survey appears in a magazine inserted in the April 24 edition. READ THE DIGITAL EDITION The survey has been compiled every year since 1989 and gives readers ...

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Lawyer could not sue bankruptcy counsel (access required)

ADR Discussion Meeting Attorneys FEA

A patent attorney who was unhappy with his bankruptcy lawyer’s performance cannot sue the lawyer because his malpractice claim belongs to the bankruptcy estate, an Alexandria federal judge said on April 14. Embroiled in litigation from a failed venture with ...

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Defense expert testimony lacked foundation (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia has overturned a trial result based on a finding that an expert was allowed to testify without a proper foundation once again. While most such cases involve plaintiffs’ experts, here it was a defense expert ...

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VSB tackles criminal discovery yet again (access required)


A Virginia State Bar task force has been named to revisit the battle-scarred subject of criminal discovery reform in Virginia. VSB president Michael W. Robinson has appointed a 13-member panel with Virginia Court of Appeals Judge Robert J. Humphreys as ...

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‘Crisis’ in bankruptcy judgeships looms (access required)


The Judicial Conference of the United States is asking Congress to create four new bankruptcy judgeships across the country and to make 14 temporary seats permanent. Failure to do so will result in a “debilitating workload crisis,” warns James C. ...

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Building business, relationships on the links (access required)


Is business still happening on the golf course today? Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes. Craig Smith, who has more than 35 years’ experience in sales in New Jersey and the tri-state area, has been an avid golfer for 25 years. ...

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Low lawyer fee was ‘abuse of discretion’ (access required)


When a winning party seeks attorney’s fees under a fee-shifting provision, a modest damage award will not necessarily cap the amount of fees awarded, according to an April 13 decision by the Supreme Court of Virginia. The Supreme Court said ...

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