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Field sobriety test results suppressed in Fairfax (access required)


A trial judge has excluded the results of a driver’s field sobri­ety tests because the telephone translator who conveyed the of­ficer’s instructions to the driver did not come to court. Instructions conveyed through the translator are testimonial, and the driver ...

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Court denies jury view in manslaughter case (access required)


A jury hearing a criminal case will not take a trip to view an intersec­tion where the defendant’s Jeep struck a mother wheeling her child in a stroller last August. The child died and the mother suffered inju­ries, leading to ...

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Despite jury exoneration, lawyer faces bar charges (access required)


A Roanoke County lawyer accused in connection with an investment fraud avoided personal liability in a federal jury trial but now faces Virginia State Bar ethics charges. The allegations against William Lee Andrews III arise from an apparent $325,000 swindle ...

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Improper battery issue prompts third med-mal trial (access required)


Even though the Supreme Court of Virginia unanimously ruled that a $1.3 million medical malpractice verdict was tainted by jury instruc­tions improperly focused on bat­tery and informed consent issues, a five-justice majority gave the pa­tient a third chance at a ...

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Colonel gets $8.4M award in lawsuit for defamation (access required)


A colonel in the U.S. Army received vindication and over $8 million from a Fairfax County jury in a defama­tion suit over a blog post that cost him a major promotion. Col. David W. Riggins’ name was before the Senate ...

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Politicians on Facebook (access required)


Politicians have taken to Face­book and Twitter to stay in touch with their constituents, but elect­ed officials are hearing they have to play by a different set of social media rules than the rest of us. Instead of deleting comments ...

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Guilty plea withdrawn due to ‘ineffective’ counsel (access required)

Without objection by prosecu­tors, a Roanoke federal judge last month allowed a drug defendant serving nearly 25 years in prison to withdraw his guilty plea based on ineffective assistance of counsel. Demarcus Brown’s lawyer dropped the ball after the govern­ment ...

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Lawyers look ahead and say change is good (access required)

According to a recent study con­ducted by Altman Weil, “Law Firms in Transition 2017,” 72 percent of responding firms believe that change in the legal industry will continue to take place at a rapid rate, compared to 2012 when only ...

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To retreat or not to retreat? (access required)


Once a year or so, it’s a great idea to “market” to your own staff and members by holding a firm or de­partment retreat. This is not a party or family picnic. Rather, retreats combine formal and in­formal working sessions ...

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