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Building a diverse workforce about more than just hiring (access required)


As businesses become more globalized, workplace diversity has become an imperative. Whether it’s a regional law firm or a multinational company, workers and clients alike want to do business with and work for an organization that reflects a range of ...

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Gun-carrying Virginia ex-con loses appeal for Maryland permit (access required)


Although a Virginia ex-con had his gun rights restored in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland did not violate the U.S. Constitution by denying a gun permit to the applicant, who is now a security officer under contract with the Department ...

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A late-night cookie fight (access required)


The toughest competition on Virginia’s college campuses may not be the fight for grades and class rank. Or who has the best college basketball team. And forget the jostling for blue-chip pledges to fraternities and sororities. At Virginia Commonwealth University, ...

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Law firm, client both sanctioned for discovery abuse (access required)


A Norfolk federal judge has approved sanctions – in an undisclosed amount – against the law firm of Cooley LLP and its client, a Virginia-based computer security company being sued for infringement. The judge ordered sanctions even though the case ...

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Sanctions result after claim file posted on internet (access required)


An Abingdon federal magistrate judge sanctioned a group of lawyers this month for failing to promptly disclose that they had accessed the claims file of an adversary insurance company. The blunder in making the file available was the primary focus ...

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Lawyers’ right to withdraw wins favor at Assembly (access required)

Judge and Attorneys FEA

Virginia criminal defense lawyers may have a way to get out of a case if the client fails to pay as agreed, even if a judge disapproves. House Bill 1411 would give a privately retained lawyer the right to withdraw ...

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Hospital can charge for ‘provider portal’ access (access required)

Emergency Hospital Paramedics MAIN

A Virginia hospital can ask a plaintiff to cover the cost of a hospital employee to assist the plaintiff’s lawyer in navigating an online portal for a client’s medical records, a Norfolk Circuit Court has ruled. Citing federal regulations under ...

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