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Emergency order tolls appeal bond deadline (access required)

(Mike Mozart/Wikimedia Commons)

A Lynchburg judge has ruled the Virginia Supreme Court’s emergency tolling of case-related deadlines applies to the statutory deadline for posting a bond to appeal a civil case from district court to circuit court. The decision means there is no ...

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‘Safe harbor’ overdose law applies retroactively (access required)


A Frederick County circuit judge has ruled that broader protections for overdose victims in criminal court apply even when the overdose occurred before the stronger law took effect. Despite that favorable ruling this month, the same judge later ruled the ...

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Richmond diocese paying $6.3 million to sexual abuse victims

Kevin Biniazan

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond is paying $6.3 million to 51 people who were sexually abused as minors by clergy members, according to an Oct. 15 report on its website. In February, the Richmond diocese launched the Independent Reconciliation Program. From April 3 to May ...

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Do it again: Second depo allowed for witness who changed many answers (access required)


After the plaintiff in a medical malpractice wrongful death action submitted 72 changes to her deposition answers, a Virginia circuit judge allowed the defendants a second deposition to inquire about the changes. The Fairfax County case raised an issue occasionally ...

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Richmond law firm defending claims in Florida (access required)

A Richmond business law firm and two lawyer members are defending claims in federal court in Florida arising from an investment venture that went sour for two participants. A U.S. District Judge sitting in Tampa on Sept. 7 dismissed a ...

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Assembly approves deferred disposition (access required)

After a decade of nuanced judicial refinements to the standard for deferring dispositions for criminal defendants, the General Assembly has agreed to give judges nearly unfettered discretion to delay criminal judgments for later consideration. The reform given final approval Oct. ...

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‘Revenge porn’ or evidence? Attorney-client privilege at issue in use of photo (access required)


The Supreme Court of Virginia has been asked to decide whether a divorcing wife violated the state’s “revenge porn” law when she let her lawyer use secretly recorded nude images to question her husband’s girlfriend about adultery. The case marks ...

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