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Influential Women of Law (access required)

Legal luminaries from across the commonwealth came together for Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s Influential Women awards program. The Class of 2022 honorees were celebrated at a recognition awards event on May 25 at the John Marshall Ballrooms in downtown Richmond. The ...

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Unreasonable restraint: Political ad ban doesn’t pass constitutional muster (access required)

Bus with no advertisements on the side

A public transit system had a legitimate interest in avoiding some politically charged advertisements, but its lack of a formal definition of “political” or written guidelines clarifying how its prohibition on political ads was to be applied doomed its policy ...

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Officer’s retaliation claims survive (access required)

Police car

A Richmond police officer’s allegations that he was retaliated against after complaining about being denied a promotion for discriminatory reasons have survived the city’s motion to dismiss. The Eastern District of Virginia found the officer had sufficiently alleged a violation ...

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High court: Harmless error doctrine limited by VAPA (access required)

Surgical procedure

The Supreme Court of Virginia has asked the state health commissioner to re-evaluate an application for a certificate of public need, or COPN, from Chesapeake Regional Medical Center for a new open-heart surgery service and cardiac catheterization equipment. The decision ...

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Emotional distress claim vs. accuser survives dismissal (access required)

Distressed man sitting on stairs

A doctor who claimed he was arrested twice on false charges of stalking and domestic violence can sue his accuser for intentional infliction of emotional distress, or IIED. A federal trial court denied the accuser’s motion to dismiss, holding that ...

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Massey Cancer Center names internship for Richmond attorney (access required)

Rudene Mercer Haynes

When Richmond attorney Rudene Mercer Haynes first learned that Virginia Commonwealth University’s Massey Cancer Center was establishing a summer internship in her honor, she said she was completely surprised. “I was like ‘What? You must be confused,’” Haynes said. “It ...

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Authority exceeded: Supreme Court orders city employee’s reinstatement (access required)

Woman looking out office window

The Virginia Supreme Court has reversed a circuit court’s refusal to implement a city grievance panel’s unanimous decision reinstating and awarding back pay to a former city employee. After the plaintiff’s reinstatement was ordered, the city manager refused to reinstate ...

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Former public defender can sue federal judiciary (access required)

Sexual harassment concept

While sovereign immunity will limit her claims, a former federal public defender in North Carolina can pursue claims against the judiciary for failing to take immediate and effective action regarding her sexual harassment complaints, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of ...

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Presenting Virginia’s Go-To Lawyers for employment law (access required)

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce the “Go To Lawyers” for employment law. Now in its third year, the “Go To Lawyers” program recognizes leading lawyers from across the commonwealth in a particular field of law. We’ve showcased top ...

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Warranty disclaimer not sufficiently conspicuous (access required)

Product defect concept

Even though the owner’s manual for a pressure cooker contained a written disclaimer of the implied warranty of merchantability that stated all required text, a federal court has found the disclaimer was not conspicuous as a matter of law. “A ...

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