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Privilege claim rejected in student loan case (access required)


A federal judge’s ruling on attorney-cli­ent privilege has brought to light a novel Virginia lawsuit claim: Lawyers alleged­ly induced student loan debtors to stop making payments in order to trigger ac­tionable collection calls. A student loan debt servicer claims the ...

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Courts are scrambling to address coronavirus (access required)


Courts across Virginia have been forced to rapidly escalate their planning and communication processes over the past two weeks in an effort to avoid public gatherings and therefore to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, Rapidly changing policies and ...

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No more ‘surprises’ (access required)


Both the House and Senate unan­imously passed identical legislation this month to remove the risk of sur­prise hospital bills for some Virginians. Surprise bills, or “balance billing,” of­ten occur when patients seek emergen­cy care at an out-of-network hospital, or receive ...

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Ignoring seat belt bars comp benefits for wreck injuries (access required)


An employee who chose not to use a seat belt in the company truck he was driving cannot recover workers’ compensation benefits for injuries suffered in a wreck, the Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled. The appeals court pointed to ...

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Reporting of misdemeanors at school would be optional (access required)


Lawmakers are proposing to eliminate the requirement that school leaders report certain criminal offenses to law enforcement, legislation that some Republicans say could make schools “significantly less safe.” Supporters include a number of education advocacy groups and teachers’ associations; they ...

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