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McAuliffe promises swift action after felon-rights ruling (access required)

Vote Voting Booths FEA

After his blanket felon-rights res­toration order was struck down by the Supreme Court of Virginia July 22, Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s adminis­tration said it would move quickly to ensure thousands of felons hop­ing to cast ballots in November’s election would be ...

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Associates: Taking a working or a real vacation this summer? (access required)

Vacation couple beach tropical - FEA

By Shawn Healy In the busy world of law firms and intimidating goals for billable hours, the time spent at the firm can grow, and the time spent outside of work can diminish. Most associates feel pressure, either internal or ...

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Beware the blast of a social media explosion (access required)

Social Media like share follow - FEA

By Jim Calloway As I was finalizing this column, there were news reports that the so-called “affluenza teen,” Ethan Couch, and his mother had been arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Readers will recall the young man stole beer from a ...

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Rule on injury reporting creates new obligations (access required)

Injury wrist keyboard carpal tunnel - FEA

By Erik Eisenmann and Laura Ferrari The Occupational Safety and Health Administration published a final rule in May requiring certain employers to electronically submit workplace injury and illness infor­mation to OSHA and requiring all employers to adopt procedures to encourage ...

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Rainmaking — Making friends, influencing people (access required)

splashing raindrops

Marketing is all about people: it is all about engaging other peo­ple in you as a person and as a lawyer. Many lawyers are intimi­dated by the idea of marketing, but they must overcome that fear because marketing is essential ...

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Phony check scam bites law firm, bank (access required)

Johnson was suspected of trying to cash a bad check

A bank and a Lexington law firm shared a $269,800 loss in a settle­ment last month after the firm fell victim to a phony business client. One of the lawyers taken by the scam­mers said there were none of the ...

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How to become a valuable resource for journalists (access required)

Reporter notebook pen hand - FEA

Given the number of attorneys in the United States (some 1.2 mil­lion practicing ones), it seems unlikely that the majority of these lawyers can become trusted re­sources for journalists. Before such a union can materialize, however, there are rules that ...

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