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Judge nixes stop for missing front tag (access required)

Traffic Stop Police FEA

A vehicle that had no front license plate and a Virginia “transport tag” as a rear plate could not be pulled over by a police officer based on the absence of a front plate, a Norfolk Circuit Court has ruled. ...

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Lawyer sanctioned for keeping client in the dark (access required)

Businesswoman hands holding the dismissed document in envelope

An Alexandria lawyer has been ordered to pay nearly $85,000 for pursuing consumer debt litigation without keeping his client advised of settlement offers. The penalty followed the client’s firing of his lawyer during sworn testimony in a deposition. Evidence cited ...

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Dealing with negative first impressions (access required)

Jury angry thinking - FEA

No matter how long they are, trials can seem too short to accomplish every goal. Those who want to de­fend their character and their com­pany and tell their story so jurors understand the whole picture, never seem to have enough ...

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Within the spirits of the law (access required)

Whiskey Pour - FEA

The owner of a Richmond restaurant offering hard-to-find liquor, often at breathtaking prices, is battling the state-mandated minimum for food sales. “Mack” McCormack is in trouble with state regulators be­cause his bar’s potent libations carry price tags that dwarf the ...

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Lawyer can sue for delayed discharge (access required)

you are fired

A lawyer who claimed she was kept on the job until she finished two important trials, and then fired 10 weeks after she complained about unequal pay, can sue her employer for retaliation. The lawyer, who worked for Virginia Attorney ...

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