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Top Op Digest: FLSA plaintiffs win nearly $700,000 in fees, costs (access required)

After approving a settlement of $285,000 for the Plaintiffs’ wage claims, a federal court also awarded about 80 percent of their requested fees, noting that the Defendant fought every issue “to its last breath.” Background This is a Fair Labor ...

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Bon Mots: February 2018

As seasoned attorneys know, the lofty principles that attract aspiring lawyers can quickly be overshadowed by client emergencies, Sisyphean scheduling conundrums, unreasonable opposing counsel, billing targets, intrafirm politics, and understaffed courts. But from time to time, our esteemed judges take ...

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4th Circuit Haikus: Travel Ban Edition

On Feb. 15, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals published its long-awaited opinion on the third iteration of the Trump administration’s travel ban. Weighing in at an intimidating 285 pages, International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump included the opinion ...

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