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Apple prevails in dispute over use of ‘ipad’ (access required)

Although a website operator began using “ipad” three years before Apple released its iPad in 2010, because Apple acquired use of the mark from another company that predated the website operator’s use, the mark obtained secondary meaning and Apple qualified ...

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State-sanctioned anticompetitive conduct not actionable  (access required)

Because the Virginia legislature has conferred broad authority on local governing bodies to engage in anticompetitive conduct in the EMS vehicle services market, antitrust claims against the City of Richmond, stemming from its denial of an ambulance company’s permit to ...

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Guarantors liable for balance of unpaid development loan (access required)

Where the bank showed the borrower breached three enforceable notes for development financing, and that the defendants had both signed guarantees, judgment was entered against the defendants for $864,536.61. Background Fulton Bank N.A. seeks judgment against two guarantors for amounts ...

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No evidence that race affected loan negotiations (access required)

Commercial Conditions requested by the City of Greensboro in connection with a proposed loan to a minority-owned television network were not unreasonable or overly burdensome. Moreover, the network did not present additional evidence establishing “a causal nexus” between any harm ...

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COVID-related spa closure could trigger ‘all risk’ coverage (access required)

Where an “all risk” policy included accidental or fortuitous “direct physical loss[es],” and it is plausible that a fortuitous “direct physical loss” could mean the property is uninhabitable, inaccessible or dangerous because of intangible or nonstructural sources, a spa that ...

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Company can’t avoid dismissal of its patent claims (access required)

A company that twice filed complaints asserting patent infringement and related claims based on its beverage dispending system couldn’t dodge a motion to dismiss by arguing it needed discovery. Its complaint, meanwhile, included only conclusory allegations and was dismissed. Background ...

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