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Business Law

Russian ‘stream ripping’ site can be sued here (access required)

Where the Russian-based operator of two websites that provide “stream ripping” of commercial sound recordings had US -based lawyers, more than 1.5 million web visitors from Virginia, collected visitors’ personal information and Virginia had a strong interest in not becoming ...

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Vagisan mark is confusingly similar to Vagisil (access required)

Where Vagisil, the trademark for women’s health care products is commercially strong, and Vagisan, the mark for German-based products is “sufficiently similar” and a consumer survey showed actual confusion, the Vagisan trademark was rejected. Background Since the mid-1970s, Combe Inc. ...

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Association expenses and charges properly calculated (access required)

Where plaintiff, a commercial owners association, based its assessments on the total square footage of defendant member’s property instead of the developed portion only, this was in accordance with the parties’ contract. As a result, when defendant did not fully ...

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Post-trial motions against $1.9B award rejected (access required)

Although Cisco argued it was entitled to a new trial because a prior ruling ordering it to pay $1.9 billion for infringing a startup’s cybersecurity patents included new theories of infringement and damages not presented by the plaintiff, the infringement ...

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No jurisdiction over trademark suit (access required)

Where French trial and appellate courts previously declared the French Republic, and not a California company, is the rightful owner of the domain name, the French Republic was immune from’s trademark and cybersquatting suit. Background In 1994, a ...

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