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Criminal Law

Former Maryland house delegate’s bribery conviction upheld (access required)

Maryland House Delegate Michael Vaughn violated the bribery statute by accepting thousands of dollars in cash in exchange for supporting liquor sales legislation favorable to the bribers. Background From 2015 to 2016, Maryland House Delegate Michael Vaughn received thousands of ...

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Failure to raise double jeopardy not ineffective assistance (access required)

Where a defendant challenged his convictions stemming from his involvement with MS-13, the court joined other circuits in finding the Double Jeopardy Clause prohibits imposition of cumulative punishments for § 924(c) and § 924(j) convictions based on the same conduct. ...

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Evidence of drugs in car supported possession charge (access required)

Eight grams of cocaine in baggies and 170 capsules found in the driver’s side door of defendant’s vehicle supported his conviction for possession of cocaine. Although the defendant argued he had transported a passenger for Uber, that his vehicle had ...

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Lack of evidence dooms tortious interference claim (access required)

Although the plaintiff pleaded facts showing a valid contract or business expectancy, defendant’s knowledge of that relationship and resulting damages, it failed to show the defendant purposefully interfered with the relationship. Background Plaintiff filed its amended complaint May 23, 2020, ...

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Contributing to minor’s delinquency conviction reversed (access required)

Where appellant’s minor daughter called three family members and 911 because she was “real scared” about appellant’s erratic driving, she was not a child “in need of services” as defined by statute, and appellant’s conviction of contributing to the delinquency ...

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Confrontation right not violated in probation case (access required)

Where appellant’s probation officer was no longer employed by the probation office when the court held appellant’s probation violation hearing, his confrontation rights were not violated when a substitute probation officer appeared and testified instead. Overview Appellant was on supervised ...

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