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Criminal Law

Sufficient evidence supports malicious wounding conviction (access required)

The commonwealth presented sufficient evidence to convict appellant of malicious wounding despite his arguments that the victim’s trial testimony was “inherently incredible.” Appellant’s malicious wounding conviction is affirmed. Overview Fisher, the shooting victim, identified appellant, Tucker and Rives as the ...

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Conviction for impersonating a police officer affirmed (access required)

The police paraphernalia and equipment discovered in appellant’s Crown Victoria police interceptor model after he was seized was properly admitted at his trial for impersonating a police officer. The evidence was relevant to his intent. His conviction is affirmed. Overview ...

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Victim was incapacitated and helpless in sex crimes case (access required)

The commonwealth’s evidence established that a sexual assault victim was mentally incapacitated and physically helpless when appellant assaulted her at a college fraternity party. Legal standard “[E]ach of the offenses in this case – rape, forcible sodomy, and animate object ...

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Sufficient evidence supports first-degree murder conviction (access required)

The commonwealth presented sufficient evidence from which the jury could conclude that appellant shot the victim and did so with premeditation. Appellant’s first-degree murder conviction is affirmed. Overview Timothy Croskey, the murder victim, lived with his mother, Tracey Croskey. The ...

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Trial court properly overruled hearsay objection (access required)

The trial court correctly ruled that a witness’s statements at trial, which appellant challenged as hearsay, were admissible. The statements were not hearsay because they were not “offered for their truth.” Overview Appellant Davis was indicted for murder, conspiracy to ...

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Prosecution concedes failure to prove suspended license case (access required)

Appellant’s conviction for driving on a suspended license, fifth offense, is reversed. The prosecution has conceded that appellant lacked sufficient notice that her license was suspended when she committed the offense. Prior proceedings In July 2016, a police officer made ...

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