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Criminal Law

Defendant’s charge of ineffective assistance is rejected (access required)

Where the defendant argued her trial counsel was constitutionally ineffective in multiple ways, for example, by recommending she plead guilty to one charge and not challenging venue and during sentencing, her counsel achieved “frankly the best outcome for which she ...

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Obstruction of justice on attempted arson was felony (access required)

Where appellant told his girlfriend “‘not to show up’ for court and that ‘he didn’t want [her] to come[,]’” he was correctly charged with felony obstruction of justice. Further, the commonwealth established venue for the obstruction charge. Facts A Charles ...

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Restricted movement during bank robbery was abduction (access required)

Where appellant ordered three bank employees to lie on the floor during the course of his robbery, this restriction of movement was sufficient to support independent charges of, and convictions for, abduction. Restricting the employees’ movements was not an element ...

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Co-defendants’ statements properly admitted in firearm trial

Defendants convicted of using a firearm in a crime of violence resulting in murder failed in their arguments that statements by co-defendants violated the Confrontation Clause and/or were generally inadmissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Moreover, given the scope ...

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