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Criminal Law

Expert testimony regarding diminished market value excluded (access required)

In an action to determine just compensation for the taking of certain property for the construction of a natural gas pipeline, where landlords were unable to offer testimony regarding the diminished market value of their property, the motion to exclude ...

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Continuance granted based on Sixth Amendment concerns (access required)

Where a defendant’s motion for continuance of trial had already been denied, defense counsel’s pattern of delay raises Sixth Amendment effective assistance concerns and the defendant’s motion for reconsideration and continuance was granted in order to give him sufficient time ...

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‘Batson’ challenge properly rejected in murder case (access required)

Where counsel made a Batson challenge after the Commonwealth used a peremptory strike to excuse an African-American juror from defendant Bethea’s retrial on a first-degree murder charge, the lower courts correctly determined the strike was not racially motivated. Defendant’s conviction ...

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