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Criminal Law

Supervised release revoked for admission of meth distribution (access required)

Where a defendant who was being held at a county jail admitted to distributing methamphetamine during questioning by his parole officer, it did not violate the Fifth Amendment to use that admission to prove that the defendant violated his supervised ...

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Paying congressman to promote company was not bribery (access required)

Defendant’s conviction for bribery was vacated even though he paid a former congressman to help advance his company’s interests because the actions taken by the congressman, including suggesting and recommending the defendant’s company to the Army and a Nigerian company, ...

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Expert authentication not needed for cellphone data extraction (access required)

Testimony from a Department of Homeland Security intern about how he extracted cellphone data was not improper opinion testimony, and did not require expert testimony for authentication purposes. And the district court did not commit plain error by concluding a ...

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Ex-lawyer convicted for ‘consigliere’ role in drug organization (access required)

A former lawyer who was prosecuted for his role as “consigliere” in a multi-state marijuana trafficking organization had his convictions for money laundering and obstruction of justice upheld. The convictions were based in large part on inculpatory recorded conversations he ...

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Any error regarding autopsy report’s admission was harmless (access required)

Even assuming without deciding that an autopsy report was testimonial and that defendant had a right to confront the report’s author at the preliminary examination, any error caused by the author’s absence was harmless. The author of a forensic pediatric ...

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Victim’s recollection of assault wasn’t based on therapy (access required)

Although a defendant was not aware that the victim had undergone Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy until after his trial was completed, he was not entitled to a new trial based on after-discovered evidence because the victim had been ...

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