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Employment Law

Nursing employee’s ADA claim can go forward (access required)

Where a skilled nursing facility employee alleged her medical issues prevented her from pulling, pushing and tugging on patients, but that she could perform the essential functions of wound care coordinator if given reasonable accommodation, her disability discrimination claim survives ...

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Former Richmond teacher alleges race discrimination (access required)

Where a Black teacher alleged a school principal elevated her teaching assistant over her while not interfering in the relationship between other white teachers and their assistants, she plausibly alleged a claim for race discrimination. Background Sherie Ashanti, a Black ...

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Staffing company sued for tortious interference (access required)

Where a staffing company allegedly engaged in “sharp dealing” when it induced employees to breach valid restrictive covenants with their prior employer, the tortious interference claim survived a motion to dismiss. Background Apex Systems LLC alleges that Beacon Hill Staffing ...

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Research assistant’s retaliation claims dismissed (access required)

Where a graduate research assistant alleged that the University of Virginia retaliated against him after he complained about his advisor’s conduct, but there was almost one year between his complaint and the next alleged adverse action, and it was nearly ...

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University not entitled to ministerial exception (access required)

Where a Liberty University art professor alleged her contract was not renewed because of her age, the university is not protected by the ministerial exception. The professor’s title, functions and how she held herself out all supported a conclusion that ...

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Equal Pay claim turns on wage rate, not total compensation (access required)

Where an employee alleges she was paid less than male comparators, the court should only consider an employee’s base salary or wage rate, and not additional compensation like commissions. Background This appeal arises from the district court’s grant of summary ...

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