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Employment Law

Remote depositions of plaintiffs in Mexico allowed  (access required)

Although the defendant argued the claims of plaintiffs who are unable to travel to Richmond from Mexico for depositions because of COVID restrictions should be severed, this request was denied. Instead, the defendants can take their depositions via remote means. ...

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Teacher’s claim of sexual harassment by student proceeds (access required)

A special education teacher can go forward with a hostile work environment claim against a school board on allegations that a student touched her genitals and lifted her dress in front of a class and that the sexual contact was ...

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Employer liable for retirement fund deficiency (access required)

An employer that underpaid its contributions to retirement plans is liable for the underpaid amount, interest, liquidated damages and other fees, totaling $249,348.25. Background In their amended complaint, filed on Sept. 13, 2016, plaintiffs brought two counts under the Employee ...

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Transgender plaintiff alleges retaliation by DMV employees (access required)

Where a transgender plaintiff alleged that one DMV employee specifically adopted a dress code policy that was directed at her, and that a second employee forced her to resign shortly after she “begin presenting” as a female, those allegations  were ...

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County employee terminated for performance, not disability (access required)

An Arlington County employee who was terminated during his probationary period failed to show his disability was the reason for the termination or that he was subjected to a hostile work environment. The evidence showed he was not meeting the ...

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