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Employment Law

CAV: Employment agreement controlled care payments (access required)

Based on a broadly-worded employment agreement, an employer could unilaterally stop providing care payments for an injured employee based on a doctor’s assessment that the employee no longer needed such care. Background While working for Appellee Sonny’s Auto Racing, Appellant ...

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WDVA: ADEA claim fails after “sham affidavit” ruling (access required)

A federal district judge granted defendants summary judgment after striking the plaintiff’s post-deposition declaration. The court found “egregious” inconsistencies between the declaration and prior deposition testimony. Background Plaintiff Kimberly S. Moore worked as a hospital admissions clerk since 1991. Defendant ...

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WDVA: Jury to consider hostile-work-environment claim (access required)

An African-American employee, fired based on her employer’s reasonable belief that she had mishandled company funds, can proceed to trial on her claim of hostile work environment based on both race and sex, despite evidence that she failed to disclose ...

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Va. Cir.: Verbal altercation precluded VEC benefits (access required)

A Virginia circuit court upheld administrative findings that an employee who was fired for yelling profanities at a coworker had committed “misconduct” that disqualified her from receiving unemployment. Background Plaintiff Yolanda A. Bellamy was employed as an environmental service worker ...

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SCV: VABC statute doesn’t authorize applicant searches (access required)

The Departmet was justified in terminating an agent’s employment after he searched the business office of a license applicant without her consent or a warrant. Background Linda K. Swim applied to Appellee Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for an ...

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4th Cir.: Termination unrelated to offensive comments (access required)

Despite his supervisor’s racially-tinged comments, a VDOT employee’s termination was not plausibly connected to racial or religious discrimination but was instead the result of unsatisfactory performance. Background Appellant Sinan Rayyan is a Muslim Arab-American who worked as a professional engineer ...

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