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Family Law

Court correctly calculated child support obligation (access required)

The circuit court correctly declined to subtract father’s mortgage payment from rents received when calculating his income for child support purposes. Further, the court properly refused to credit father for medical insurance payments on the children’s behalf where there was ...

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Parental rights not terminated by curtailed visitation (access required)

The circuit court did not “terminate” father’s parental rights when it denied his motion to change custody, imposed conditions father needed to meet before visitation could resume and issued a protective order in favor of mother and the parties’ child. ...

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Court will not unseal mother’s expunged criminal records (access required)

In this custody dispute, where petitioner-father seeks to unseal mother’s expunged criminal records and to intervene in pending expungement proceedings, the court denies petitioner’s motions. Father seeks the sealed records as evidence the court should consider when determining the best ...

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Brothers correctly removed as co-executors of mother’s estate (access required)

The circuit court correctly removed two brothers as co-executors of their mother’s estate and replaced them with a disinterested third party. The “strife and conflict between the brothers[,]” resulting in their inability to agree on even the most trivial matters ...

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Alleged paramour’s existing information must be disclosed (access required)

Where wife counterclaimed for a divorce on grounds of adultery, husband’s alleged paramour cannot claim a Fifth Amendment privilege in response to a civil subpoena duces tecum for existing personal, private information, even if such information is incriminating. However, the ...

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Alleged abuse of daughters not grounds for cruelty (access required)

Where wife has counterclaimed for a divorce on grounds of cruelty, her allegations that husband sexually abused the parties’ daughters when they were minors, and the effect this had on wife, “do not constitute cruelty for purposes of divorce under ...

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