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Government given deadline to act on naturalization application (access required)

After a three-year delay in an “expedited” naturalization process, the court imposed a 45-day deadline for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to render a decision or the court will exercise its authority to decide the case. Background Junfei Ge, ...

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Court stays case until next General Assembly session (access required)

A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Virginia statute that automatically suspends drivers’ licenses for failure to pay state court fines and costs was stayed to allow the General Assembly an opportunity to repeal the statute. Background Before the court ...

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Filing second action against defendants was not vexatious (access required)

Where plaintiffs voluntarily discontinued their first action against defendants just two months before trial because the attorney that replaced their initial counsel did not have sufficient time to prepare and shortly thereafter filed a nearly identical action against the same ...

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Corrections officers not liable for prisoner killed by fellow inmate (access required)

Where a prisoner was killed by a fellow inmate, the facts were insufficient to support a claim against the corrections officers for violations of the prisoner’s rights under the Fifth and Eighth Amendment. Background At the time of his death ...

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Policy unambiguously excluded coverage for advertising injuries (access required)

An insurance company was not required to defend and indemnify its insured in a trademark and trade dress infringement lawsuit because the insurance policy included a provision excluding coverage for such lawsuits that was unambiguous and explicitly superseded any provisions ...

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Tipped employees could sue employer for minimum wage violations (access required)

Where servers and bartenders at a restaurant were routinely required to spend significant portions of their time as tipped employees performing both related and unrelated non-tip-producing tasks, they could sue their employer for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act ...

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