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North Carolina violated inmate’s due process rights (access required)

Where a prison disciplinary proceeding that resulted in the revocation of 20 days of an inmate’s “good-time” credits contained no probative evidence to support his conviction, his due process rights were violated, requiring that his good-time credits be restored. Background ...

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Prior convictions warranted sentence enhancements (access required)

Where the defendant’s prior conviction for robbery under Maryland law qualified as a predicate violent felony and his prior Maryland conviction for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute constituted a “controlled substance offense” under the Sentencing Guidelines, ...

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Immunity granted in suit brought by prisoner on autism spectrum (access required)

Where a prisoner on the autism spectrum was placed in solitary confinement without stimulation for extended periods of time in 2014 and 2015, prison officials were entitled to immunity against his suit because the law holding that the prison’s practice ...

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Easement granted for construction of natural gas pipeline (access required)

Where a company constructing a 600-mile underground natural gas pipeline required an easement over the defendants’ property, and the landowners failed to respond to the complaint for eminent domain, the company was granted the easement and ordered to pay $133.57 ...

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Suit over new car purchase headed to arbitration (access required)

Where a woman agreed to arbitrate her claims against an auto dealership, the dispute was ordered to arbitration despite the agreement’s waiver of punitive damages because the waiver was not against public policy. Although she sought an evidentiary hearing regarding ...

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Attorneys are sanctioned for bad-faith litigation conduct (access required)

Where attorneys admitted in Virginia and from outside Virginia acted in bad faith in connection with two consumer bankruptcies, the record supported the bankruptcy court’s imposition of practice and monetary sanctions. For the out-of-state attorneys, however, the amount of sanctions ...

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