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Emergency aid exception justified warrantless search (access required)

Where appellant was unresponsive and apparently suffering from a drug overdose in a motel room, heroin discovered when a responding police officer opened a closed nightstand drawer is admissible evidence. Further, a statutory amendment that would have prevented appellant from ...

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Medical provider correctly denied reimbursement (access required)

Where a medical care provider claimed it was entitled to more compensation for treating an injured worker, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly denied the provider’s motion to compel unredacted copies of underlying contracts providing access to medical care provider ...

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Absconding defendant was not entitled to continuance (access required)

Where appellant absconded after the trial court denied his requests to continue his 2001 trial, the court properly tried and convicted him in his absence of distributing cocaine. Background In 1996, appellant Gaye was charged with distributing cocaine. His preliminary ...

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Student claims school officials failed to stop harassment, abuse (access required)

Although the defendants argued a student’s use of a Jane Doe pseudonym without court permission was a jurisdictional defect, that argument failed because her complaint alleging she was harmed by the school’s failure to end the sexual harassment and abuse ...

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Virginia eluding statute qualifies as crime of moral turpitude (access required)

Where the Virginia eluding statute’s mens rea required at least recklessness, and vehicular flight from law enforcement has been consistently found to involve sufficient risk and danger to be morally reprehensible, the statute qualified as a crime of moral turpitude. ...

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Denial of church’s zoning application violated RLUIPA (access required)

Where Prince George’s County denied a church’s application for a legislative amendment to the county’s water and sewer plan, that contravened the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, or RLUIPA, because the amendment was a land use regulation subject ...

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