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No jurisdiction to rule on attorney ethics complaint

The circuit court correctly ruled that it lacked jurisdiction to hear appellant’s ethics complaint against an attorney. Overview Appellant Spanos filed an ethics complaint in circuit court, seeking to have Feinmel’s law license revoked. “Spanos asserted that the circuit court ...

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Third-party mortgage payments were marital contribution

Where a church, for a period of time when the parties were separated, paid the mortgage on the marital home, the trial court properly classified the payments as a marital contribution instead of crediting them as husband’s separate contribution. Overview ...

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Lack of specificity dooms deliberate indifference claim

Where a detainee asserted deliberate indifference claims against prison and medical officials after his small bowel obstruction allegedly caused a permanent injury, but he made only collective allegations against all “Defendants,” without identifying how each individual defendant personally interacted with ...

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USPTO denies certification mark for gruyere cheese

Where two foreign consortiums filed an application to register the word “GRUYERE” as a certification mark, in order to label cheese that is produced in the Gruyère region of Switzerland and France, their application was denied because the term “GRUYERE” ...

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Biopharmaceutical company dodges securities lawsuit

Where plaintiffs suing a biopharmaceutical company for alleged misstatements failed to sufficiently allege any actionable misrepresentations or omissions that would give rise to a duty to disclose, and certain statements amounted to puffery or inactionable opinion or were sufficiently hedged ...

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